About Hypnotist Dan Hawk CHt

Dan Hawk ~ Comedy Hypnotist ~ Keynote Speaker ~ MC, CHt, EAP

Hypnotist Dan Hawk HeadshotDan Hawk came into this part of his career later in life, at 50. He spent 15 years working as a psychotherapist, where he started using hypnosis to help athletes improve their performance. He was asked to talk with groups about what he does, so he took a training class from Las Vegas Headliner Marc Savard to learn how to hypnotize groups. Seven years ago he started doing comedy hypnosis shows and "Awaken the Star Within" was born!

Dan absolutely loves connecting with audiences and getting people excited about their lives. He loves doing this because it opens up people's minds to the possibilities of what they can do. He frees them from their past limiting beliefs and shows them a future where they can finally be or become what they want to be.

At the end of his shows, Dan always leaves the volunteers with a gift of empowerment and confidence to make the changes they want to make in their lives and be better fulfilled.